Established in 1976, our specialist bike shop offers a wealth of expertise in bicycles of all types and ages. Catering to the entire family, we provide a diverse selection of cycles, including high-end and entry-level mountain bikes, road, gravel, hybrid bikes, and a range of children's bikes from balance models to 24" wheels.

History of how this Turbo Adventure started

JULY 2015

A true sensation, Specialized presesnted the Turbo Levo..

The mountain bike world was brought to a stand still. It was the day Specialized presented the first Turbo Levo, the day when the heads of bike engineers around the world really started changing their ways of thinking and developing the future of this career. Specialized had raised the bar for all bike manufacturers and raised it very high.

The integration of the battery and the specially developed app was impressive at the time making mountain biking thrilling to everyone. Controversially, there was no display or remote on the handlebars which has been developed over the past years.

2016 Was the year for speed

Bluetooth connectivity was the 2016 craze..

After the launch of the Levo, forums and you-tubers were buzzing with instructions on how to remove the pedal-assist speed-limit on the Levo without any additional hardware, using only your smartphone. Of course besides being illegal when riding not off road. However you’ll be able to find countless riders talking about how it made their bike faster due to the cheat being applied to the bike. 

JULY 2016 

A variety of choice for customers to chose from..

The Turbo Levo hit like a bomb and within a short period of time the full-suspension model was sold out. 

Wide plus size tyres and long-travel put them off making most of crowds following aggressive riders rather than trail riding. Specialized found that the 'easy' trail and forest bike was missing from the turbo range.

This led to the launch of the Specialized Turbo Levo ST which had the same front triangle but a modified linkage offering only 120 mm of travel.

The geometry was changed to a shorter wheelbase, steeper head angle and slightly longer reach.

Specialized presented the "Levo which went Carbon"..

But the carbon frame was only one of many highlights of the new bike. 

July 2017

The Turbo Levo Carbon was also the first bike to feature the new Turbo 1.3 motor and the new minimalist remote control.

The carbon construction meant the LEVO was about 650 g lighter!

Meet the 1.3 Motor


Since the release of the first Turbo Levo in 2015, Specialized collected data from over 3 million kilometres of riding using the Mission Control App. This information helps the American brand recognise how their customers ride, where they ride, where problems occur. 

A dedicated team of software developers take care of the motor’s control unit. Introduced in July 2017, the 1.3 motor, based on the Brose Drive, was significantly more powerful and had better heat management whilst offering better modulation and more range.

Handlebar Remote is here

Another major update that customers were awaiting for was the minimalist remote, which came as standard on the new generation, and finally featured a walk assist function.



Having expanded its geometry downwards in travel with the Levo ST in 2016 and 2017 it was time to produce a bike for those wanting more downhill performance. 

The result: KENEVO

Downhill focused geometry, 180 mm of travel, a coil shock and reliable components making it a genuine bike.

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