Ivory White-Burgundy (Gloss)-Vulcano (Matt)
Slate Blue-Halo Silver (Matt)
Vulcano-Black(Matt) Black(Gloss)
Wine Red - Titanium (Gloss)

Unleash the power of lightness with the ORBEA ORCA M20iTEAM. This is not your everyday bike; this is a masterpiece of climbing technology, tipping the scales at a mere 6.7kg, purpose built to redefine your ascents. Experience a ride quality that's not just unbeatable, but also light, efficient, and snappy when you need it to be.

Engineered with exceptional attention to detail, the lower spine of the frame aptly handles most of the torsional and lateral loads. This smart build and placement provide an optimal balance between stiffness and lightness, ensuring a ride that's equally efficient as it is comfortable.

The ORBEA's innovative 'ICR PLUS' Internal Cable Routing provides a clean appearance and aerodynamic advantage, while eradicating the chances of rub or rattle. Insightfully designed, it is compatible with both traditional and electronic shifting systems, ensuring functionality won't take a back seat.

Offering a generous 32mm tire clearance, the ORCA M20iTEAM encourages ride personalisation. Whether it's smoother paved roads or rougher surfaces, you can pick the tire that suits your chosen terrain best, opening a world of greater adventure and exploration.

Every detail of this sleek ride showcases thoughtful design. The minimal seat post clamp not only adds style to the design but also shaves off crucial grams from the weight. Similarly, the lightweight saddle clamp is cleverly designed to cater to both round and oval rail saddles.

Embrace the exhilaration of perfect rides with the ORBEA ORCA M20iTEAM - where advanced engineering meets unprecedented performance.

Frame Size 47, MEN, Carbon, OMR
Wheel Size Front 28
Wheel Size Rear 28
Gears NON, Unknown, 0 Gears
Front Brake NONE, , No brakes
Rear Brake NONE, , No brakes
Colours Custom, Ivory White-Burgundy (Gloss)-Vulcano (Matt), Slate Blue-Halo Silver (Matt), Vulcano-Black(Matt) Black(Gloss), Wine Red - Titanium (Gloss)
Sizes 47, 49, 51, 53, 55, 57, 60
Brand Orbea
Model Year 2024
Barcodes 8434446493652, 8434446493669, 8434446493676, 8434446493683, 8434446493690, 8434446493706, 8434446493713, 8434446493720, 8434446493737, 8434446493744, 8434446493751, 8434446493768, 8434446493775, 8434446493782, 8434446493799, 8434446493805, 8434446493812, 8434446493829, 8434446493836, 8434446493843, 8434446493850, 8434446580772, 8434446580833, 8434446581045, 8434446581052, 8434446581267, 8434446581472, 8434446581687, 8434446685651, 8434446685668, 8434446685675, 8434446685682, 8434446685699, 8434446685705, 8434446685712
SKUs / Part Numbers R11447AJ, R11447AK, R11447AL, R11447CB, R11447CM, R11449AJ, R11449AK, R11449AL, R11449CB, R11449CM, R11451AJ, R11451AK, R11451AL, R11451CB, R11451CM, R11453AJ, R11453AK, R11453AL, R11453CB, R11453CM, R11455AJ, R11455AK, R11455AL, R11455CB, R11455CM, R11457AJ, R11457AK, R11457AL, R11457CB, R11457CM, R11460AJ, R11460AK, R11460AL, R11460CB, R11460CM

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